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Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - The Secrets of the Forge of Creation Revealed

- What are the main characters, villains, and plotlines? - What are the benefits and drawbacks of the Ultimatrix device? H2: The Andromeda Galaxy Arc - Who is Aggregor and what are his motives? - How does Ben and his team encounter the five aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy? - How does Aggregor absorb their powers and become a threat to the universe? H2: The Map of Infinity Arc - What is the Map of Infinity and why does Aggregor want it? - How does Ben and his team travel across different dimensions to find the pieces of the map? - How does Paradox help them in their quest? H2: The Forge of Creation Arc - What is the Forge of Creation and what secrets does it hold? - How does Ben meet his younger self and his future self, Ben 10,000? - How does Aggregor reach the Forge and what happens to him there? H2: The Diagon Arc - Who is the Diagon and what is his connection to Vilgax? - How does Gwen discover her true heritage as an Anodite? - How does Ben unlock a new ultimate form, Ultimate Way Big, to defeat Vilgax? H2: Conclusion - What are the main themes and messages of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien? - What are the strengths and weaknesses of the series? - How does it compare to the other series in the franchise? H2: FAQs - Q1: How many episodes are there in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien? - Q2: What are the new aliens that Ben can transform into in this series? - Q3: Who are the voice actors for the main characters in this series? - Q4: Is there a sequel series to Ben 10: Ultimate Alien? - Q5: Where can I watch Ben 10: Ultimate Alien online? Table 2: Article with HTML formatting Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - A Review of the Third Series in the Ben 10 Franchise

If you are a fan of animated shows that combine action, adventure, comedy, and sci-fi, you might have heard of Ben 10, a popular franchise created by Man of Action. The franchise follows the adventures of Ben Tennyson, a teenager who can transform into various aliens using a device called the Omnitrix. In this article, we will review the third series in the franchise, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, which aired from 2010 to 2012.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien is a sequel to Ben 10: Alien Force, which itself is a sequel to the original Ben 10 series. The series takes place a few weeks after the events of Alien Force, where Ben defeated Vilgax, an intergalactic warlord who wanted to take over the universe. However, in doing so, Ben also destroyed his Omnitrix, leaving him without his alien powers.

ben 10 ultimate alien

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Luckily, he soon discovers that he has a new device called the Ultimatrix, which was created by Azmuth, the inventor of the Omnitrix. The Ultimatrix not only allows Ben to transform into his old aliens, but also gives him access to new ones. Moreover, it has a special feature that lets him evolve his aliens into more powerful versions called ultimate forms.

However, Ben's life is not all fun and games. His secret identity is revealed to the world by Jimmy Jones, a young internet blogger who deduces his identity by analyzing alien sightings. This makes Ben a celebrity among his fans, but also a target for his enemies. Along with his cousin Gwen Tennyson and his best friend Kevin Levin, who also have superpowers, Ben must face various threats from old foes and new ones.

The Andromeda Galaxy Arc

The first major arc of Ultimate Alien revolves around an Osmosian villain named Aggregor, who kidnaps five aliens from another galaxy called Andromeda He plans to absorb their powers and become the most powerful being in the universe. The five aliens are Bivalvan, a water-based alien who can manipulate liquids; Galapagus, a turtle-like alien who can manipulate air; P'andor, a radioactive alien who can emit energy blasts; Andreas, an armored alien who can cause earthquakes; and Ra'ad, an electric alien who can control electricity.

Ben and his team encounter each of the aliens as they escape from Aggregor's ship and crash-land on Earth. Ben also gains the ability to transform into them using the Ultimatrix. However, Aggregor manages to recapture them one by one and fuse them into a single entity called Ultimate Aggregor. He then sets his sights on finding the Map of Infinity, a device that can lead him to the Forge of Creation, the source of all life in the universe.

The Map of Infinity Arc

The second major arc of Ultimate Alien follows Ben and his team as they try to stop Aggregor from obtaining the Map of Infinity, which is composed of four pieces hidden in different dimensions. They are aided by Professor Paradox, a time-traveling scientist who knows the secrets of the map.

The first piece is located in a dimension called Legerdomain, where magic is real and everyone is enslaved by a tyrant named Addwaitya. Ben and his team free the people from Addwaitya's rule and obtain the piece, but not before Aggregor steals some of Gwen's Anodite energy.

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The second piece is located in a dimension called Piscciss Volann, where everything is underwater and inhabited by fish-like aliens. Ben and his team infiltrate an underwater prison where the piece is kept, but they are captured by Aggregor, who also has the piece. Ben manages to escape and retrieve the piece, but Aggregor escapes with Kevin as his hostage.

The third piece is located in a dimension called Encephalonus IV, where everything is controlled by giant brains. Ben and his team are captured by one of the brains, who wants to use them as test subjects for his experiments. Ben manages to free himself and his friends, and also convinces the brain to give him the piece.

The fourth and final piece is located in a dimension called Flors Verdance, where everything is made of plants. Ben and his team are attacked by Aggregor, who has escaped from Paradox's custody and has Kevin under his control. Ben manages to free Kevin from Aggregor's influence, but Aggregor gets away with the last piece of the map.

The Forge of Creation Arc

The third major arc of Ultimate Alien revolves around the Forge of Creation, a mysterious place where Celestialsapiens, god-like beings who can create anything with their minds, are born. Aggregor intends to use the Map of Infinity to reach the Forge and absorb a newborn Celestialsapien's power, becoming omnipotent.

Ben and his team follow Aggregor to the Forge, but they are intercepted by a group of rogue Celestialsapiens who want to stop anyone from entering their sacred place. Ben manages to convince them to let him pass, but he also encounters another obstacle: his younger self from the original series, who has been brought to the present by Paradox.

Ben's younger self is confused and scared by the situation, and does not trust his older self or his friends. He also does not like the Ultimatrix or its ultimate forms, preferring his original Omnitrix. However, he eventually bonds with his older self and learns to appreciate his new powers.

Meanwhile, Aggregor reaches the Forge and finds a newborn Celestialsapien inside a cosmic egg. He tries to absorb its power, but he is stopped by Ben's future self, Ben 10,000, who has also been brought to the present by Paradox. Ben 10,000 is older and more experienced than both Bens, and has access to more aliens and ultimate forms.

The three Bens team up to fight Aggregor, but they are no match for him. Aggregor manages to break through the egg's shell and touch the Celestialsapien's head. However, instead of absorbing its power, he is overwhelmed by it. The Celestialsapien's mind is too complex for Aggregor to handle, and he loses control of himself. He becomes a mindless monster that attacks everything in sight.

The three Bens then work together to defeat Aggregor once and for all. They use their ultimate forms to overpower him and trap him inside the egg's shell. They then return him to Azmuth, who promises to find a way to reverse what he did to


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