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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Partner Track (S01) [NEW]

Ingrid Yun (Arden Cho), a 1st generation Korean American and the first lawyer in her family, experiences the trials and tribulations of excelling at the prestigious (but old school) law firm, Parsons Valentine. With the support of her friends, she battles through workplace challenges to break through the glass ceiling on her path to become partner. But will her drive and ambition leave room for love?

Partner Track (S01)

At the office, Jessica tells Harvey to act humble during his senior partner initiation. During the meeting, an ongoing tradition is leading the new partner to believe that he must give his buy-in money of half a million dollars on the spot, to which Harvey acts surprised to hear before the partners laugh at their successful prank. After the conference, however, Harvey reveals to Jessica that he had the money all along and was merely trying to be humble.

Meanwhile, Harvey was about to meet with Robert Stensland when he sees that Louis is in the restaurant as well and has also met with his client. He discovers that Louis was interfering with his plans by ensuring that Robert becomes CEO of the company, so he embarrasses Louis by telling Robert about the loophole of the bylaws he made years ago that may cause complications for him in the future if protocols aren't followed, which is that he has to be voted in by the board first. Robert agrees to delay his plans, and Harvey continues to embarrass Louis by pointing out that he was merely a junior partner and was not even supposed to be on the case.

Jorie Munroe: I've never survived one of those books, let's be clear. So, to kind of get this back on track, so, with this kind of option to split by sight, to split by country, to do both, what does this look like for your site's URL structure or domain?

Matt Howells-Barby: That's a good question. One thing I would say is there is a bit of patience that needs to be had. Google's search console has gotten much, much better. What they do a good job of is telling you when the pages are indexed and if they're indexed within certain versions of the search engine, over the first kind of month or [00:51:30] two, what you just want to do is keep a track on whether Google has indexed all the pages, if they're showing in the correct version of the search engines, keeping a track on analytics. Treat this as if you've launched a brand new website, all the same things apply. 041b061a72


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