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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Vela Ba Hleke

Deputy Minister of Higher Education Bhuti Manamela has called on both township and rural schools, to take a leaf out of the book of the Velabahleke High School which achieved a 100% matric pass rate in the class of 2018.

Vela Ba Hleke

Velabahleke High School, in Umlazi, KZN, has established itself as a centre of academic excellence, at the sharp end of league statistics and offering students a comprehensive learning experience, not just in subjects and curriculum learning, but also in sports and supporting activities.

Back to Velabahleke High School fees, fora full academic year per pupil, including an initial deposit, you can contact the school. This might not include textbook costs or other subject fees. Fees can be paid monthly but should the parent elect to pay in up front in full, then there are discounts of between 3% and 10% depending on how payment is processed.

Fortunately Velabahleke High School application forms are very welcoming and can be reached out to directly from the school, where they will provide you with an application form and guide you through what else is needed to support an enrolment.

The school help students to learn in a diverse way. Students develop social, behavioural, emotional, and wellness skills. Velabahleke High School is the home of diversity and might / not have any religious affiliation.

FAQ: Is Velabahleke High School a boys, girls or mixed school? The answer is, for a descent public mixed-gender / co-education school in KZN, you came to the right place.

Velabahleke High School website has comprehensive articles which gives a deep insight into the culture at the school, placing particular emphasis on sporting, academic and leadership achievements, as well as a news section which covers most information a parent or guardian would want to find out.

VelaBahleke tree(Rothmannia globosa, September balls) is a indigenous tree with great medicinal and powerful magical effects.The tree grows in forests and in forest margins, It is a small tree about 10 m tall with straight stem and a bark covered in fine cracks with white flowers.

I first learned of the tree in Plant Studies when I was still a student, without realizing that I will become a traditional healer and use it to treat my patients /clients. The name "Vela" means to appear, and the name "Bahleke" means to laugh, hence the preparation and use of bark and roots ensures positive results in charming.

Uvelabahleke can be mixed and used to achieve positive results for job interviews, business attraction, love attraction etc. Its unique ability is to influence the attitude of people causing them to laugh or smile. Below I will share few special effects of the muti 041b061a72


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