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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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kristin is an independent bluemoon consultant with an edge on architecture and building sciences. she has worked in all facets of the design engineering industry. whether he was describing the construction process to a design student or managing the project management of a large-scale educational facility, kristin enjoys conveying the complex building processes into a clear, simple, visual language.

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lester is a bluebeam plus/pro sales support specialist based out of chicago. as a sales support specialist, lester's specialty is software. his primary job is to keep businesses that use revu and other products like revit up-to-date with the newest available features and fix any problems that arise. when he's not on the phone, lester loves spending time with his wife and two boys.

malcolm started with bluemoon in 2017 and is currently a bluebeam sales support specialist based in chicago. as a sales support specialist, malcolm has developed deep skills in product management and communicates with customers on the bluemoon team.

mairead is a bluebeam sales support specialist based out of chicago. she's a subject matter expert in the revit product suite, having lead the sales support team for the revit product family. through working with sales support specialists, she learns that efficiency can happen with the proper planning and support. when she's not on the phone, mairead can be found training her teammates on her favorite topics like civil engineering and architectural design.

some documents are difficult to open, process, and share in other applications. once they are created in revu, they can be sent to the printer and printed out at any time from within bluebeam. in this example, mr. pate has produced a set of building plans for a remodel of a church. after printing and marking up several draft sheets, he is about ready to ship the project off to a general contractor. to simplify the project and management process, mr. pate has assigned a group of tasks to bill brown, the project manager.


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