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Nfs Underground 2 Ultra Graphics Mod 126

No matter what this game get's as long as it stays true to what Underground 2 was and it's not turned into a console port they will have a title on their hands. But, since they already had a majority of their time concentrating on Need for Speed : Battle Runner and Pro Street, they can focus on a new city, improve the physics, rework the graphics and run with the street level racing again and thus make a good name for them and their new title. With all the great feedback they got from the PCARS demo and the feedback they received they need to really step their game up from what it is currently so far.

nfs underground 2 ultra graphics mod 126

When I first heard about Underground 3 I was disappointed. I will admit I have not played the latest ones but I was hoping for more of an upgrade than what we got. Hopefully this is not the case here because if it is then I will have to change my mind a bit. I do not want this game to be the same from the last one. Need for Speed has always been a great racing game ever since it was first released and I hope they continue that here and hopefully make a sequel in about a year and a half from now. Its a great game and time will tell if they can continue or not. If they do make a sequel in a year and a half from now which they should I would be stoked to see what they do with it.

I am excited to see what they do with Need for Speed Underground 2 because I am personally tired of the same old same old. You know what I mean. There is nothing wrong with the franchise just make it something more than Need For Speed that people can't wait to play. They cant just keep doing the same thing over and over for the rest of my life. I just hope that they do not ruin what was going on with Underground 2. I think that you should do what is in your power to change what they made with Underground 2 because there is nothing wrong with it. Maybe make it a no holds barred game where no one can hold back to make a challenge of it. I don't mind if they got rid of all the cops and made it in a place that you could actually hide from them. In that scenario it would be a whole different game. You know what I mean?


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