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The Gamehouse Word Collection is actually a rather hard game to talk about as we are not just talking about one game. Gamehouse is known for fun word style games and this one here is taking three of their biggest hits and putting them into one collection.

Gamehouse Word Collection

Howdy partner, get ready for some rooting tooting Wild West style word fun with Super Wild Wild Words. This is like Tetris crossed with Hang Man crossed with Boggle! The idea is that letters are falling from the top of the screen and you need to click on the letters to make a word. The more letters in a word, the higher your score will be. The letters fall pretty darn fast, so you have to be quick. There are various power-ups you can get and there is even a hangman element to it where you have to try and figure out the hidden word. This is a lot of fun and great if you want something quick and challenging.

This, as you would expect, is another word passed puzzle game and this one is pretty straight forward. It lacks a gimmick, like the Wild West theme of Super Wild Wild Words which is a bit disappointing. This is a game that will throw a bunch of letters your way. You are tasked with spelling a word using all of the letters. This sounds like it would be easy right? Well the fact you are against the clock makes this rather challenging. You succeed and you move onto the next round. While not bad this is probably my least favorite game in the Gamehouse Word Collection set.

So, there you have it a little look at all three of the games that make up the Gamehouse Word Collection set. I would not say that there is a bad game out of the three in all honesty. I think that my favorite is probably Super Wild Wild Words as I feel that the Wild West theme does make it a more fun word style game. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a wordsmith then you will probably enjoy all three of these games.

GameHouse Word Collection is a collection of three word games that can be educative for children. It can also be very entertaining and it can be played by adults as well. Super Text Twist, Wild Wild Words and What Word are the three games included in the package that can help players improve their vocabulary as well as exercise attention and concentration.

One of the games challenges players to find as many words as possible by using only seven letters. Wild Wild Words asks for paying attention to what words can be made out of letters that are spread on the screen, while they continue falling just like in a Tetris game. The last one involves making inversions between neighbor letters until enough are properly aligned to form a word.

GameHouse has revealed their latest game on the way as they will be releasing a new crossword puzzler called Text Express: Word Adventure. Created and developed by Story Giant Games, this mobile title is boasting that it will be jam-packed with content as players will experience a visual adventure narrative with a massive variety in gameplay. This game is set to contain 3,500 levels, 37 destinations, over 95 speaking characters, and thousands of unique crossword puzzles that will keep your mind busy for hours on end. The game will officially launch on iOS and Android on September 1st, 2022.

In Text Express: Word Adventure, gameplay is challenging and varied, as puzzles go far beyond the standard crossword game. Play thousands of unique crossword levels, combine letters to find hidden words and discover new daily challenges with the ultimate aim of unlocking new destinations and advancing Tilly through her global adventures. Pick fruits, watch stars, pick locks, observe animals, explore ruins and many more variations to influence the actions of the characters and drive the story forward.

Customise your train and explore the world to discover many exciting landmarks and interesting characters. With so much to see and do, your special souvenir collection will grow as you explore. Text Express: Word Adventure also delivers an engaging 'brain training' experience for iOS and Android gamers who want to test and perfect their vocabulary. The variety in word puzzle play extends and reinforces vocabulary and spelling, and delights and rewards as Tilly advances through her global adventures.

GameHouse Studios has joined three staggering word recreations in one exclusive bundle: Take part in a word shootout at Hangman Corral in Super Wild Words; challenge your mind with a word find with a turn in Super 150 GameHouse Collection; and perceive what number of words you can discover with seven letters in Super TextTwist. From one of the head amusement engineers, these recreations have given hours of gaming enjoyable to word fans. Presently they can be yours in this stunning gathering.

Playing TABOO in English is a great way to get ESL students to speak English and learn a lot of new vocabulary. This game focuses on HOUSE AND HOME vocabulary. It is simple to modify and use with beginners and advanced students alike. Advanced students try to get teammates to guess the word at the top of the card without saying any of the "taboo" words listed below. Beginner students can still play, but they should be allowed to use the "taboo" words to help learn new vocabulary and build sentences in English.

One player tries to get his teammate to guess the word at the top of a card. The player must give clues, but he can't use any of the Taboo words in his description. The taboo words are written beneath the word at the top of the card. Teams score points for each word successfully guessed. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

The mechanic of TextTwist is simple. The player is given six letters and is tasked with unscrambling those letters into as many words as possible. If the player can use all six letters in a word, they proceed to the next round.

Your task is to build the back-end engine to run a TextTwist clone. Effectively, this means that you must generate a list of three- to six-letter words that can all be constructed from the same six letters. This list must contain at least one six-letter word.

The first step is to get a word list, of course. There were several approaches to this process, since manipulating every word in the dictionary each time could get a little slow. My answer to this was just to cache the word list after I had built it once and reuse that for all future runs. Here's the code that handles the loading and caching:

The main trick used in this recursive grouping of words is the use of "signatures." A word's signature is just the sorted order of the letters in the word: aejms for james, for example. Comparing signatures makes it trivial to find words that use the same letters, since their signatures will be the same.

Using the signatures, the choices() method just removes one character at a time recursing through the word list. This allows me to find all of the smaller words that can be formed using the same letters.

I begin by selecting a word for the round and scrambling that word's letters until they are no longer a real word. Then I setup some variables to hold data for the round like whether or not the user has found a six letter word and should advance as well as any feedback message I am currently showing the user and the last time I refreshed the screen.

The round event loop runs for two minutes and this first bit is responsible for drawing the screen. After clearing the screen, it prints the letters, time left, words found, and any feedback message to the screen. Note that I update the screen each second, assuming no other activity, so the user will notice the clock counting down.

This just checks to see if there is data waiting on STDIN. We don't want to read from it without checking as that could block the application waiting for input. The ready?() method used here is added by the io/wait library and will return true if there is data waiting. The rest of the code just handles the input we get. Letters are recorded, we support backspace, and a carriage-return tells us to try the current word, set some feedback, and refresh the display.

GameHouse provided us with a top-performing video ad for Text Express, a mobile word puzzle game, to emulate in an interactive format. During the early stages of that project, we identified the ability to templatize a playable design, allowing our partner to create endless ad possibilities for the ad themselves. From conceptualization to final delivery, the process took under four weeks.

Following the initial announcement two weeks ago, GameHouse's Text Express: Word Adventure is now available for iOS and Android. As the name implies, it is a word-based puzzler, but unlike other games in the genre, Text Express promises a compelling narrative on top of solving brain teasers.

Developer Story Giant Games is looking to keep levels varied and challenging by mixing up the usual crossword formula. You'll find yourself combining letters to uncover hidden words in daily and seasonal challenges.

GameHouse offers download games, online games, and mobile games. It also provides puzzle games, word games, and arcade games. The company offers its products through online stores. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Seattle, Washington. As per the transaction announced on January 26, 2004, GameHouse, Inc. is a subsidiary of

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