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Treasure Mountain: The Educational Adventure Game for Kids

How to Download Treasure Mountain, a Classic Educational Game

Do you remember playing Treasure Mountain as a kid? If you do, you probably have fond memories of exploring a magical mountain, catching elves, solving puzzles, and learning math, reading, and logic skills along the way. If you don't, you might be curious about what this game is and why it is considered a classic educational game.

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In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Treasure Mountain, including what it is, how to play it, how to download it for free, and what are some alternatives to it. By the end of this article, you will be able to enjoy this fun and educational game with your children or relive your childhood nostalgia.


Treasure Mountain is an educational video game published by The Learning Company in 1990 for DOS, Windows, and Macintosh. It teaches children aged five to nine reading, basic math, and logic skills. It is the third installment of the Super Seekers series, which also includes Treasure Cove, Treasure MathStorm, and Treasure Galaxy.

The game takes place in a magical realm called Treasureland, where the Master of Mischief has stolen the kingdom's crown and hidden all of the castle's treasures on a mountain called Treasure Mountain. The player takes on the role of the Super Seeker, whose job is to find the treasures and remove the Master of Mischief from the throne.

Playing Treasure Mountain has many benefits for children. It helps them develop their cognitive, creative, and problem-solving skills. It also introduces them to various academic subjects such as math, reading, spelling, vocabulary, science, geography, history, music, art, and more. Moreover, it makes learning fun and engaging by using colorful graphics, catchy music, humorous characters, and rewarding feedback.

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If you want to play Treasure Mountain today, you don't need to buy a CD-ROM or download a software. You can simply visit the Internet Archive website , where you can find a free online version of the game that runs on your browser. All you need is a keyboard and a mouse to control the game. You can also download the game files from the same website if you want to play it offline or on a different device.

Gameplay and Features of Treasure Mountain

The objective of Treasure Mountain is to find the hidden treasures and return them to the chest in the castle at the top of the mountain. The mountain consists of three levels. Players cannot climb higher until they have found the key to unlock the next level. To find the key, players have to catch elves that roam around the mountain. Each elf carries a clue that leads to the location of the key. The clue can be a word, a number, a shape, a color, or a symbol. Players have to match the clue with the correct signpost that marks the key's hiding place. For example, if the clue is "red", players have to look for a signpost that has something red on it, such as a red flower, a red hat, or a red flag.

Catching elves is not easy, though. Players have to chase them and use a net to capture them. The elves can run, jump, hide, and throw snowballs at the players to escape. Some elves are faster or smarter than others, and some can only be caught by using special items such as magic coins, magnets, or whistles. Players can find these items by playing mini-games that are scattered around the mountain.

The mini-games are the main educational feature of Treasure Mountain. They cover various skills and topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, patterns, sequences, shapes, sizes, colors, directions, spelling, vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, rhyming words, word families, parts of speech, punctuation, capitalization, reading comprehension, science facts, geography facts, history facts, music notes, musical instruments, art styles, and more. Each mini-game has three difficulty levels that adjust to the player's performance. Completing a mini-game rewards the player with an item or a treasure.

The game also features a score system that tracks the player's progress and achievements. The score is based on the number of treasures found, elves caught, mini-games completed, and mistakes made. The score is displayed on a scroll at the bottom of the screen. The scroll also shows the player's rank as a Super Seeker. The rank starts from Rookie and goes up to Master.

History and Reviews of Treasure Mountain

Treasure Mountain was developed by Leslie Grimm and Teri Mason Christian of The Learning Company in 1990. It was one of the first educational games to use VGA graphics and sound effects. It was also one of the first games to use adaptive learning technology that customized the game's difficulty level according to the player's skill level.

The game was a commercial and critical success. It sold over one million copies and won several awards such as the Parents' Choice Gold Award , the Software Publishers Association Excellence in Software Award , and the National Parenting Publications Award . It was praised for its educational value, fun factor, replay value, and technical quality.

However, the game also had some negative reviews. Some critics complained that the game was too repetitive , too easy , or too hard . Some also pointed out that the game had some factual errors , grammatical errors , or technical glitches . Some also felt that the game was outdated or irrelevant for modern children .

Alternatives to Treasure Mountain

If you like Treasure Mountain, you might also like some other educational games that are similar or inspired by it. Here are some examples:



Where to find it

Treasure Cove

A game that teaches children science and reading skills by exploring an underwater world.

The Internet Archive

Treasure MathStorm

A game that teaches children math and logic skills by restoring the seasons on a frozen mountain.

The Internet Archive

Treasure Galaxy

A game that teaches children math and geometry skills by traveling through space and collecting stars.

The Internet Archive

Math Blaster

A series of games that teaches children math skills by blasting aliens and solving puzzles.


Reader Rabbit

A series of games that teaches children reading and language skills by following the adventures of a rabbit and his friends.



A game that teaches children logic and problem-solving skills by guiding a group of blue creatures to their new home.


These games have their own advantages and disadvantages compared to Treasure Mountain</stron


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