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Rock Chip Firmware Tools

It comes in support of the devices powered by Rockchip Chipset. Once you have installed the correct Rockchip Drivers on the computer, Rockchip Tool can easily detect the connected Rockchip Devices and get ready to flash or install the firmware on the device.

rock chip firmware tools

It supports flashing or installing the .img based stock firmware on the devices powered by Rockchip Chipset. You can find the .img file in the stock firmware of your RockChip device released by the company.

[*] Caution: Flashing or installing firmware using the Rockchip Flash Tool will wipe the data from the device. Therefore, we recommend you take a backup of your data before using the tool.

Rockchip has provided tools for upgrading within Linux (closed source) since Android 4.4. It's called upgrade_tool.It supports update.img, parameter, bootloader and other partitions, and it's command line based.

rkflashkit is an open source GUI version flashing tool for rockchip devices. It can not flash bootloader or parameter, only supports kernel and other partitions, but it supports backup the partitions.

For developers:The initial RE work of the Rockchip bootloader updating protocol is by naobsd and has been improved by some in rkflashtool. linuxerwang has made a GUI version of the rkflashtool called rkflashkit. Please note: both rkflashtool and rkflashkit can not flash the rock/update.img and can only flash within rock/bootloader mode and not rock/mask rom mode because the rock/mask rom updating protocol is not RE yet. If you are interested in the RE protocol ping naobsd at #radxa on IRC. Since the rock/bootloader has remained unchanged for a long time it's enough for normal usage. If you don't know what this means, just ignore it.

Rockchip Batch Tool has become the best IMG firmware flashing tool that helps you android Rockchipset mobile or tablet, You will upgrade the firmware any android system with PC computer. So Rockchip allows you to use a firmware upgrade of your Android mobile or tablet phones without any restrictions.

Rockchip has provided tools for upgrading within Linux (closed source) since Android 4.4. The initial RE work of the Rockchip bootloader updating protocol is by naobsd and has been improved by some in rkflashtool. linuxerwang has made a GUI version of the rkflashtool called rkflashkit.

the firmware updates are often distributed using RKBatchTool file format, which can not be directly handled by RkFlashKit. Luckily, there are some other tools available to extract the partitions file from such firmware.

The Rockchip SD Firmware Tool is a tool that allows you to upgrade your Rockchip device / TV Box through the SD Card. You can easily create a bootable version of the firmware and then by simply restarting the device it will boot from your SD Card and the upgrade session will start. Inside the zip file, you will find the SD_Firmware_Tool.exe and a Word Document with detailed instructions on how to use the Rockchip SD Firmware Tool correctly.

By the way, you need to clarify which versions of the tools are suitable for version 8.1, and not the fact that these will be the latest versions of tools, Rockchip has a different arrangement than on Amlogic

  • This package contains the binary firmware for various drivers in theLinux kernel. This is a collection of firmware blobs which are notindividually large enough to warrant a standalone package.Contents: * 3Com Typhoon firmware, version 03.001.008 (3com/typhoon.bin) * AdvanSys ASC-3550 firmware (advansys/3550.bin) * AdvanSys ASC-38C0800 firmware (advansys/38C0800.bin) * AdvanSys ASC-38C1600 firmware (advansys/38C1600.bin) * AdvanSys SCSI controller microcode (advansys/mcode.bin) * Agere/Prism/Symbol Orinoco firmware (AP mode), version 9.48 Hermes I (agere_ap_fw.bin) * Agere/Prism/Symbol Orinoco firmware (STA mode), version 9.48 Hermes I (agere_sta_fw.bin) * Abilis Systems AS102 stage 1 firmware (as102_data1_st.hex) * Abilis Systems AS102 stage 2 firmware (as102_data2_st.hex) * Creative CA0132 DSP firmware (ctefx.bin) * Creative CA0132 SpeakerEQ firmware (ctspeq.bin) * Chelsio T3 optical EDC firmware (AEL2005 PHY) (cxgb3/ael2005_opt_edc.bin) * Chelsio T3 twinax EDC firmware (AEL2005 PHY) (cxgb3/ael2005_twx_edc.bin) * Chelsio T3 twinax EDC firmware (AEL2020 PHY) (cxgb3/ael2020_twx_edc.bin) * Chelsio T3B protocol engine firmware, version 1.1.0 (cxgb3/t3b_psram-1.1.0.bin) * Chelsio T3C protocol engine firmware, version 1.1.0 (cxgb3/t3c_psram-1.1.0.bin) * Chelsio T3 main firmware, version 7.4.0 (cxgb3/t3fw-7.4.0.bin) * Chelsio T3 main firmware, version 7.10.0 (cxgb3/t3fw-7.10.0.bin) * Chelsio T3 main firmware, version 7.12.0 (cxgb3/t3fw-7.12.0.bin) * Chelsio T4 10GBASE-T firmware (AQ1202 PHY) (cxgb4/aq1202_fw.cld) * Chelsio T4 10GBASE-T firmware (BCM84834 PHY) (cxgb4/bcm8483.bin) * Chelsio T4 firmware, version (cxgb4/t4fw-, cxgb4/t4fw.bin) * Chelsio T5 firmware, version (cxgb4/t5fw-, cxgb4/t5fw.bin) * Chelsio T6 firmware, version (cxgb4/t6fw-, cxgb4/t6fw.bin) * DAB-USB FPGA bitfile (dabusb/bitstream.bin) * DAB-USB firmware (dabusb/firmware.fw) * Xceive 4000 tuner firmware, version 1.4.1 (dvb-fe-xc4000-1.4.1.fw) * Xceive 5000 tuner firmware, version 1.6.114 (dvb-fe-xc5000-1.6.114.fw) * Xceive 5000c tuner firmware, version (dvb-fe-xc5000c- * DiBcom dib0700 USB DVB bridge firmware, version 1.20 (dvb-usb-dib0700-1.20.fw) * DiBcom dib9135 DVB-T USB firmware (dvb-usb-it9135-01.fw) * DiBcom dib9135 DVB-T USB firmware (dvb-usb-it9135-02.fw) * Terratec H5 DRX-K firmware (dvb-usb-terratec-h5-drxk.fw) * Intel 82559 D101M microcode (e100/d101m_ucode.bin) * Intel 82559 D101S microcode (e100/d101s_ucode.bin) * Intel 82551-F and 82551-10 microcode (e100/d102e_ucode.bin) * ENE UB6250 MS Pro read/write firmware (ene-ub6250/msp_rdwr.bin) * ENE UB6250 MS init firmware (ene-ub6250/ms_init.bin) * ENE UB6250 MS read/write firmware (ene-ub6250/ms_rdwr.bin) * ENE UB6250 SD init stage 1 firmware (ene-ub6250/sd_init1.bin) * ENE UB6250 SD init stage 2 firmware (ene-ub6250/sd_init2.bin) * ENE UB6250 SD read/write firmware (ene-ub6250/sd_rdwr.bin) * Sensoray 2255 firmware, version 1.2.8 (f2255usb.bin) * Micronas GO7007SB encoder stage 1 firmware (go7007/go7007fw.bin) * Micronas GO7007SB encoder stage 2 firmware (go7007/go7007tv.bin) * WISchip WinFast WalkieTV firmware (go7007/lr192.fw) * Plextor ConvertX M402U firmware (go7007/px-m402u.fw) * Plextor ConvertX TV402U firmware (go7007/px-tv402u.fw) * Sensoray S2250 stage 1 firmware (go7007/s2250-1.fw, s2250_loader.fw) * Sensoray S2250 stage 2 firmware (go7007/s2250-2.fw, s2250.fw) * WISchip WinFast WalkieTV firmware (go7007/wis-startrek.fw) * Intel OPA Gen1 DC firmware, version 1.27.0 (hfi1_dc8051.fw) * Intel OPA Gen1 fabric firmware, version 0x1055 (hfi1_fabric.fw) * Intel OPA Gen1 PCIe serdes firmware, version 0x4755 (hfi1_pcie.fw) * Intel OPA Gen1 SBus firmware, version 0x10130001 (hfi1_sbus.fw) * Freescale i.MX6 SDMA firmware, version 3.3 (imx/sdma/sdma-imx6q.bin) * Freescale i.MX7 SDMA firmware, version 4.2 (imx/sdma/sdma-imx7d.bin) * Intel "Broxton" DMC firmware, version 1.07 (i915/bxt_dmc_ver1_07.bin, i915/bxt_dmc_ver1.bin) * Intel "Broxton" GuC firmware, version 8.7 (i915/bxt_guc_ver8_7.bin) * Intel "Broxton" GuC firmware, version 9.29 (i915/bxt_guc_ver9_29.bin) * Intel "Broxton" HuC firmware, version 1.07.1398 (i915/bxt_huc_ver01_07_1398.bin) * Intel "Cannonlake" DMC firmware, version 1.07 (i915/cnl_dmc_ver1_07.bin) * Intel "Geminilake" DMC firmware, version 1.04 (i915/glk_dmc_ver1_04.bin) * Intel "Kabylake" DMC firmware, version 1.01 (i915/kbl_dmc_ver1_01.bin, i915/kbl_dmc_ver1.bin) * Intel "Kabylake" DMC firmware, version 1.04 (i915/kbl_dmc_ver1_04.bin) * Intel "Kabylake" GuC firmware, version 9.14 (i915/kbl_guc_ver9_14.bin) * Intel "Kabylake" GuC firmware, version 9.39 (i915/kbl_guc_ver9_39.bin) * Intel "Kabylake" HuC firmware, version 2.0.1810 (i915/kbl_huc_ver02_00_1810.bin) * Intel "Skylake" DMC firmware, version 1.23 (i915/skl_dmc_ver1_23.bin) * Intel "Skylake" DMC firmware, version 1.26 (i915/skl_dmc_ver1_26.bin, i915/skl_dmc_ver1.bin) * Intel "Skylake" DMC firmware, version 1.27 (i915/skl_dmc_ver1_27.bin) * Intel "Skylake" GuC firmware, version 1.1059 (i915/skl_guc_ver1.bin) * Intel "Skylake" GuC firmware, version 4.3 (i915/skl_guc_ver4.bin) * Intel "Skylake" GuC firmware, version 6.1 (i915/skl_guc_ver6_1.bin, i915/skl_guc_ver6.bin) * Intel "Skylake" GuC firmware, version 9.33 (i915/skl_guc_ver9_33.bin) * Intel "Skylake" HuC firmware, version 1.07.1398 (i915/skl_huc_ver01_07_1398.bin) * kaweth/new_code.bin * kaweth/new_code_fix.bin * kaweth/trigger_code.bin * kaweth/trigger_code_fix.bin * Matrox G200 WARP engine microcode (matrox/g200_warp.fw) * Matrox G400/G550 WARP engine microcode (matrox/g400_warp.fw) * MediaTek MT76x0 wifi firmware (mediatek/mt7610e.bin) * MediaTek MT76x0 wifi firmware (mediatek/mt7610u.bin) * MediaTek MT7622 Bluetooth firmware (mediatek/mt7622pr2h.bin) * MediaTek MT76x0 wifi firmware (mediatek/mt7650e.bin) * MediaTek MT76x2u wifi firmware (mediatek/mt7662u.bin) * MediaTek MT76x2u wifi firmware (mediatek/mt7662u_rom_patch.bin) * MediaTek MT7668 Bluetooth firmware (mediatek/mt7668pr2h.bin) * MOXA UPort 1110 firmware (moxa/moxa-1110.fw) * MOXA UPort 1130 firmware (moxa/moxa-1130.fw) * MOXA UPort 1130I firmware (moxa/moxa-1131.fw) * MOXA UPort 1150 firmware (moxa/moxa-1150.fw) * MOXA UPort 1150I firmware (moxa/moxa-1151.fw) * MOXA UPort 1250 firmware (moxa/moxa-1250.fw) * MOXA UPort 1250I firmware (moxa/moxa-1251.fw) * MOXA UPort 1410 firmware (moxa/moxa-1410.fw) * MOXA UPort 1450 firmware (moxa/moxa-1450.fw) * MOXA UPort 1450I firmware (moxa/moxa-1451.fw) * MOXA UPort 1610-16 firmware (moxa/moxa-1613.fw) * MOXA UPort 1610-8 firmware (moxa/moxa-1618.fw) * MOXA UPort 1650-16 firmware (moxa/moxa-1653.fw) * MOXA UPort 1650-8 firmware (moxa/moxa-1658.fw) * MediaTek MT7601U firmware, version 34 (mt7601u.bin) * MediaTek MT7630/MT7650 Bluetooth firmware (mt7650.bin) * MediaTek MT76x2 firmware, version 1.9 (mt7662.bin) * MediaTek MT76x2 ROM patch, version 0.0.2_P69 (mt7662_rom_patch.bin) * Multi-Tech USB CDMA modem firmware (mts_cdma.fw) * Multi-Tech USB EDGE modem firmware (mts_edge.fw) * Multi-Tech USB GPRS modem firmware (mts_gsm.fw) * Nvidia GK20A FECS firmware data (nvidia/gk20a/fecs_data.bin) * Nvidia GK20A FECS firmware instructions (nvidia/gk20a/fecs_inst.bin) * Nvidia GK20A GPCCS firmware data (nvidia/gk20a/gpccs_data.bin) * Nvidia GK20A GPCCS firmware instructions (nvidia/gk20a/gpccs_inst.bin) * Nvidia GK20A bundle init data (nvidia/gk20a/sw_bundle_init.bin) * Nvidia GK20A ctx init data (nvidia/gk20a/sw_ctx.bin) * Nvidia GK20A method init data (nvidia/gk20a/sw_method_init.bin) * Nvidia GK20A non-ctx init data (nvidia/gk20a/sw_nonctx.bin) * nvidia/gm200/acr/bl.bin, nvidia/gm204/acr/bl.bin, nvidia/gm206/acr/bl.bin * nvidia/gm200/acr/ucode_load.bin, nvidia/gm204/acr/ucode_load.bin * nvidia/gm200/acr/ucode_unload.bin, nvidia/gm204/acr/ucode_unload.bin * nvidia/gm200/gr/fecs_bl.bin, nvidia/gm204/gr/fecs_bl.bin, nvidia/gm206/gr/fecs_bl.bin, nvidia/gp100/gr/fecs_bl.bin, nvidia/gp102/gr/fecs_bl.bin * nvidia/gm200/gr/fecs_data.bin * nvidia/gm200/gr/fecs_inst.bin, nvidia/gm204/gr/fecs_inst.bin, nvidia/gm206/gr/fecs_inst.bin * nvidia/gm200/gr/fecs_sig.bin * nvidia/gm200/gr/gpccs_bl.bin, nvidia/gm204/gr/gpccs_bl.bin, nvidia/gm206/gr/gpccs_bl.bin, nvidia/gp100/gr/gpccs_bl.bin, nvidia/gp102/gr/gpccs_bl.bin * nvidia/gm200/gr/gpccs_data.bin * nvidia/gm200/gr/gpccs_inst.bin, nvidia/gm204/gr/gpccs_inst.bin, nvidia/gm206/gr/gpccs_inst.bin * nvidia/gm200/gr/gpccs_sig.bin * nvidia/gm200/gr/sw_bundle_init.bin, nvidia/gm204/gr/sw_bundle_init.bin, nvidia/gm206/gr/sw_bundle_init.bin * nvidia/gm200/gr/sw_ctx.bin, nvidia/gm204/gr/sw_ctx.bin, nvidia/gm206/gr/sw_ctx.bin * nvidia/gm200/gr/sw_method_init.bin, nvidia/gm204/gr/sw_method_init.bin, nvidia/gm206/gr/sw_method_init.bin, nvidia/gm20b/gr/sw_method_init.bin * nvidia/gm200/gr/sw_nonctx.bin, nvidia/gm204/gr/sw_nonctx.bin, nvidia/gm206/gr/sw_nonctx.bin * nvidia/gm204/gr/fecs_data.bin * nvidia/gm204/gr/fecs_sig.bin * nvidia/gm204/gr/gpccs_data.bin * nvidia/gm204/gr/gpccs_sig.bin * nvidia/gm206/acr/ucode_load.bin * nvidia/gm206/acr/ucode_unload.bin * nvidia/gm206/gr/fecs_data.bin * nvidia/gm206/gr/fecs_sig.bin * nvidia/gm206/gr/gpccs_data.bin * nvidia/gm206/gr/gpccs_sig.bin * nvidia/gm20b/acr/bl.bin * nvidia/gm20b/acr/ucode_load.bin * nvidia/gm20b/gr/fecs_bl.bin * nvidia/gm20b/gr/fecs_data.bin * nvidia/gm20b/gr/fecs_inst.bin * nvidia/gm20b/gr/fecs_sig.bin * nvidia/gm20b/gr/gpccs_data.bin * nvidia/gm20b/gr/gpccs_inst.bin * nvidia/gm20b/gr/sw_bundle_init.bin * nvidia/gm20b/gr/sw_ctx.bin * nvidia/gm20b/gr/sw_nonctx.bin * nvidia/gm20b/pmu/desc.bin * nvidia/gm20b/pmu/image.bin * nvidia/gm20b/pmu/sig.bin * nvidia/gp100/acr/bl.bin * nvidia/gp100/acr/ucode_load.bin * nvidia/gp100/acr/ucode_unload.bin * nvidia/gp100/gr/fecs_data.bin * nvidia/gp100/gr/fecs_inst.bin * nvidia/gp100/gr/fecs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp100/gr/gpccs_data.bin * nvidia/gp100/gr/gpccs_inst.bin * nvidia/gp100/gr/gpccs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp100/gr/sw_bundle_init.bin * nvidia/gp100/gr/sw_ctx.bin * nvidia/gp100/gr/sw_method_init.bin * nvidia/gp100/gr/sw_nonctx.bin * nvidia/gp102/acr/bl.bin, nvidia/gp104/acr/bl.bin, nvidia/gp106/acr/bl.bin, nvidia/gp107/acr/bl.bin, nvidia/gp108/acr/bl.bin * nvidia/gp102/acr/ucode_load.bin, nvidia/gp104/acr/ucode_load.bin, nvidia/gp106/acr/ucode_load.bin, nvidia/gp107/acr/ucode_load.bin, nvidia/gp108/acr/ucode_load.bin * nvidia/gp102/acr/ucode_unload.bin, nvidia/gp104/acr/ucode_unload.bin, nvidia/gp106/acr/ucode_unload.bin, nvidia/gp107/acr/ucode_unload.bin, nvidia/gp108/acr/ucode_unload.bin * nvidia/gp102/acr/unload_bl.bin, nvidia/gp104/acr/unload_bl.bin, nvidia/gp106/acr/unload_bl.bin, nvidia/gp107/acr/unload_bl.bin, nvidia/gp108/acr/unload_bl.bin * nvidia/gp102/gr/fecs_data.bin * nvidia/gp102/gr/fecs_inst.bin, nvidia/gp106/gr/fecs_inst.bin * nvidia/gp102/gr/fecs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp102/gr/gpccs_data.bin * nvidia/gp102/gr/gpccs_inst.bin, nvidia/gp106/gr/gpccs_inst.bin * nvidia/gp102/gr/gpccs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp102/gr/sw_bundle_init.bin, nvidia/gp104/gr/sw_bundle_init.bin, nvidia/gp106/gr/sw_bundle_init.bin, nvidia/gp107/gr/sw_bundle_init.bin * nvidia/gp102/gr/sw_ctx.bin, nvidia/gp104/gr/sw_ctx.bin, nvidia/gp106/gr/sw_ctx.bin * nvidia/gp102/gr/sw_method_init.bin, nvidia/gp104/gr/sw_method_init.bin, nvidia/gp106/gr/sw_method_init.bin, nvidia/gp107/gr/sw_method_init.bin * nvidia/gp102/gr/sw_nonctx.bin, nvidia/gp104/gr/sw_nonctx.bin, nvidia/gp106/gr/sw_nonctx.bin * nvidia/gp102/nvdec/scrubber.bin, nvidia/gp104/nvdec/scrubber.bin, nvidia/gp106/nvdec/scrubber.bin, nvidia/gp107/nvdec/scrubber.bin, nvidia/gp108/nvdec/scrubber.bin * nvidia/gp102/sec2/desc.bin, nvidia/gp104/sec2/desc.bin, nvidia/gp106/sec2/desc.bin, nvidia/gp107/sec2/desc.bin * nvidia/gp102/sec2/image.bin, nvidia/gp104/sec2/image.bin, nvidia/gp106/sec2/image.bin, nvidia/gp107/sec2/image.bin * nvidia/gp102/sec2/sig.bin, nvidia/gp104/sec2/sig.bin, nvidia/gp106/sec2/sig.bin, nvidia/gp107/sec2/sig.bin * nvidia/gp104/gr/fecs_data.bin * nvidia/gp104/gr/fecs_inst.bin * nvidia/gp104/gr/fecs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp104/gr/gpccs_data.bin * nvidia/gp104/gr/gpccs_inst.bin * nvidia/gp104/gr/gpccs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp106/gr/fecs_data.bin * nvidia/gp106/gr/fecs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp106/gr/gpccs_data.bin * nvidia/gp106/gr/gpccs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp107/gr/fecs_bl.bin * nvidia/gp107/gr/fecs_data.bin * nvidia/gp107/gr/fecs_inst.bin * nvidia/gp107/gr/fecs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp107/gr/gpccs_bl.bin * nvidia/gp107/gr/gpccs_data.bin * nvidia/gp107/gr/gpccs_inst.bin * nvidia/gp107/gr/gpccs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp107/gr/sw_ctx.bin * nvidia/gp107/gr/sw_nonctx.bin * nvidia/gp108/gr/fecs_bl.bin * nvidia/gp108/gr/fecs_data.bin * nvidia/gp108/gr/fecs_inst.bin * nvidia/gp108/gr/fecs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp108/gr/gpccs_bl.bin * nvidia/gp108/gr/gpccs_data.bin * nvidia/gp108/gr/gpccs_inst.bin * nvidia/gp108/gr/gpccs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp108/gr/sw_bundle_init.bin * nvidia/gp108/gr/sw_ctx.bin * nvidia/gp108/gr/sw_method_init.bin * nvidia/gp108/gr/sw_nonctx.bin * nvidia/gp108/sec2/desc.bin * nvidia/gp108/sec2/image.bin * nvidia/gp108/sec2/sig.bin * nvidia/gp10b/acr/bl.bin * nvidia/gp10b/acr/ucode_load.bin * nvidia/gp10b/gr/fecs_bl.bin * nvidia/gp10b/gr/fecs_data.bin * nvidia/gp10b/gr/fecs_inst.bin * nvidia/gp10b/gr/fecs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp10b/gr/gpccs_bl.bin * nvidia/gp10b/gr/gpccs_data.bin * nvidia/gp10b/gr/gpccs_inst.bin * nvidia/gp10b/gr/gpccs_sig.bin * nvidia/gp10b/gr/sw_bundle_init.bin * nvidia/gp10b/gr/sw_ctx.bin * nvidia/gp10b/gr/sw_method_init.bin * nvidia/gp10b/gr/sw_nonctx.bin * nvidia/gp10b/pmu/desc.bin * nvidia/gp10b/pmu/image.bin * nvidia/gp10b/pmu/sig.bin * nvidia/gv100/acr/bl.bin * nvidia/gv100/acr/unload_bl.bin * nvidia/gv100/acr/ucode_unload.bin * nvidia/gv100/gr/fecs_bl.bin * nvidia/gv100/gr/fecs_inst.bin * nvidia/gv100/gr/fecs_data.bin * nvidia/gv100/gr/fecs_sig.bin * nvidia/gv100/gr/gpccs_bl.bin * nvidia/gv100/gr/gpccs_inst.bin * nvidia/gv100/gr/gpccs_data.bin * nvidia/gv100/gr/gpccs_sig.bin * nvidia/gv100/gr/sw_ctx.bin * nvidia/gv100/gr/sw_nonctx.bin * nvidia/gv100/gr/sw_bundle_init.bin * nvidia/gv100/gr/sw_method_init.bin * nvidia/gv100/nvdec/scrubber.bin * nvidia/gv100/sec2/desc.bin * nvidia/gv100/sec2/image.bin * nvidia/gv100/sec2/sig.bin * nvidia/tegra124/vic03_ucode.bin * Nvidia Tegra 124 XHCI firmware, version 45.46 (nvidia/tegra124/xusb.bin) * nvidia/tegra186/vic04_ucode.bin * nvidia/tegra210/vic04_ucode.bin * Nvidia Tegra 210 XHCI firmware, version 50.10 (nvidia/tegra210/xusb.bin) * Intel QAT DH895xCC UOF firmware (qat_895xcc.bin) * Intel QAT DH895xCC MMP firmware (qat_895xcc_mmp.bin, qat_mmp.bin) * Intel QAT C3xxx UOF firmware (qat_c3xxx.bin) * Intel QAT C3xxx MMP firmware (qat_c3xxx_mmp.bin) * Intel QAT C62x UOF firmware (qat_c62x.bin) * Intel QAT C62x MMP firmware (qat_c62x_mmp.bin) * Rockchip cdn DisplayPort controller firmware, version 3.1 (rockchip/dptx.bin) * Comtrol RocketPort 2 firmware (rp2.fw) * Ralink RT2561 (RT2501/RT5201 chipset) firmware, version 1.2 (rt2561.bin) * Ralink RT2561S (RT2501 Turbo/RT5201 Turbo chipset) firmware, version 1.2 (rt2561s.bin) * Ralink RT2661 (RT2600/RT5600 chipset) firmware, version 1.2 (rt2661.bin) * Ralink RT2760/RT2790/RT2860/RT2890/RT3090 (RT2700P[D]/RT2700E[D]/RT2800P[D]/RT2800E[D]/RT3000E[D] chipset) firmware, version 0.40 (rt2860.bin, rt3090.bin) * Ralink RT2870/RT3070/RT3071/RT3072 (RT2800U[D] chipset) firmware, version 0.36 (rt2870.bin, rt3070.bin) * Ralink RT3071/RT3072 firmware, version 29 (rt3071.bin) * Ralink RT3290 firmware, version 1 (rt3290.bin) * Ralink RT2571W/RT2671 (RT2501USB/RT5201USB chipset) firmware, version 1.8 (rt73.bin) * Tehuti network card firmware (tehuti/bdx.bin) * Broadcom BCM5703/BCM5704 TSO firmware (tigon/tg3_tso.bin) * Broadcom BCM5701A0 firmware (tigon/tg3.bin) * Broadcom BCM5705 TSO firmware (tigon/tg3_tso5.bin) * Broadcom BCM57766 firmware (tigon/tg357766.bin) * ADI Eagle IV ADSL configuration, generic (ueagle-atm/CMV4p.bin.v2) * ADI Eagle IV ADSL DSP firmware (ueagle-atm/DSP4p.bin) * ADI Eagle IV firmware (ueagle-atm/eagleIV.fw) * Conexant CX231xx core firmware (v4l-cx231xx-avcore-01.fw) * Conexant CX23418 APU firmware (v4l-cx23418-apu.fw) * Conexant CX23418 CPU firmware (v4l-cx23418-cpu.fw) * Conexant CX23418 ADEC firmware (v4l-cx23418-dig.fw) * Conexant CX25840 firmware (v4l-cx25840.fw) * Conexant CX23885 core firmware (v4l-cx23885-avcore-01.fw) * VIA VT6656 firmware (vntwusb.fw) Muut pakettiin firmware-misc-nonfree liittyvät paketit depends

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