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Army Men RTS [VERIFIED] Download PC Game

Army Men RTS is a real-time strategy title that lets you take command of your favorite little green soldiers to take on the Tan army and defeat a defecting Green general. It has all the traditional RTS elements such as resource harvesting, base building, and commanding armies of units around the battlefield. The interface is very simple and easy to use with most commands and camera movements controlled by the mouse.

Army Men RTS Download PC Game

The unique setting and world of Army Men provides a refreshing new twist to this classic game genre. There isn't anything like exploring flower gardens and counter tops as you take out Tan bases, try to capture an infinite power source, or escape from a basement infested with ants. It is really fun to send out your plastic soldiers and take advantage of the varied unit types, such as the grenadier, medic, half-track, and mortar men, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

There are also several hero units like Sarge, Hoover, Riff, and Scorch, and the game does a good job of giving each of them their own personality and appeal. Also, the resource system is rather intriguing as you harvest various mundane items like toy robots, frisbees, and watches for plastic and electricity. You can even collect plastic from fallen soldiers and destroyed buildings!

Army Men RTS provides a fun and gratifying RTS experience. The variety of units and heroes are a pleasure to play around with and the unique gameplay universe is both refreshing and fascinating. There are some issues which hamper the gameplay slightly, but the addicting gameplay tends to make up for this.

Overall, Army Men RTS is a great game for new players to the genre to jump right into and hard-core fans can find some enjoyment with its originality, though they might be turned off a bit by its lack of complexity.

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Army Men: RTS is a real-time strategy video game developed by Pandemic Studios and published by The 3DO Company for PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows and GameCube. The game follows Sarge and his heroes in the Green Army as they fight the Tan Army across a variety of battlefields over the course of 15 campaigns missions, 8 special operation missions and 8 great battles. The game was the final Army Men game from The 3DO Company. The Greenies hit dirt paths, linoleum floors and carpets and weave through flower beds, strewn boxes and toy train sets to collect plastic and electricity to build snipers to clear the field from afar or amass an army that overwhelms the opposition. The plot is loosely based on the movie Apocalypse Now, as the team of Green commandos must hunt down a rogue and apparently insane colonel, Colonel Blintz.

Army Men: RTS's gameplay requires the acquisition and extraction of two resources to build structures, vehicles and soldiers: plastic and electricity. Plastic, required for every construct, is taken from objects such as Frisbees, dog bowls and toys strewn about levels ranging from a front yard to a kitchen counter and even a basement. On destruction of a plastic object, a lump of plastic is left behind until a dump truck, the collector of plastic and electricity, slugs by and vacuums it. Electricity is drawn from batteries, toasters and walkie-talkies. Construction and upgrades of most buildings and some soldiers are contingent on some buildings having been built. For instance, at the onset of the game the resource depot, the processing facility, must be built so that dump trucks have somewhere to unload their collections.

Similarly to a plot point of game's precursor, Army Men II, the insane Colonel Blintz of the Green army has turned Tan, along with the soldiers under his command. He has also taken control of a suburban home, turning it into his personal fortress. Sarge is called by Colonel Grimm to take it back. He leads the Green Army in breaking through the Tan defenses.

Once in the Basement Sarge, Riff, Scorch, Hoover, Thick and the newcomer Bullseye travel through the basement fighting giant fire ants. Grimm contacts Sarge and tells him Blintz has sent bombers to kill them. They make it to the stairs and into the kitchen before the bombers arrive. In the kitchen, Sarge oversees the rebuilding of a non-operational Green base under the table and destroys Tan anti-air emplacements before being airlifted to the counter-top. He then leads the Green army in an attack on a factory Blintz built in the sink before moving into the living room.

Bravo Company makes it into the attic, and destroys a model train bridge Blintz is using to transport resources into his base for his army. They make their way farther into the attic to find Vikki is already there, having hitched a ride with the air cavalry. She tells them about a train they can take farther into the attic, and the heroes fight their way to the train. Sarge discovers the tan are holding the ant queen, which explains why they were only attacking the Green Army. Sarge can choose whether or not to free her; either way, the Green fight their way to Blintz's main base. Here, Blintz barricades himself in his fortress, and the Green Army must flush him out. In the final cut scene, Sarge peels the tan off Blintz personally, and Grimm congratulates him via radio, promising "cake and ice cream" when he returns.

The PC version of Army Men: RTS allows for multiplayer with up to eight people.[1] A copy of GameSpy Arcade was bundled with the game (which has since been discontinued). Players can team up in multiplayer matches, or the battle can be a free-for-all. Victory occurs when the opposing side has no headquarters and cannot build one in three minutes. Aside from GameSpy Arcade, connections can be made on a LAN, or through a direct connection between players.

Plastic soldiers. Many of us know and love these cherished icons of childhood, but beyond mock combat and the occasional magnifying glass laser experiment, they weren't useful for all that much. Until now. 3DO, purveyors of small time plastic warfare, has finally released a RTS for the console market. Originally starting with PC games and later moving to more specialized console titles like Green Rogue, the fine developers at 3DO have produced a quick, fun, and easy RTS that anyone can play on their PS2.

The screen controls are accomplished with the analog sticks, and thankfully, each control is easy to learn and use. Holding down the shoulder buttons will let you open and select new construction items, confirming things with the X button. You can select multiple units at once, and they'll stay grouped as one giant unit, which can be selected later at the press of a button. Adding and removing units is similarly easy. Play around with the basic controls in the game tutorial, and you'll see that 3DO took the complexity of a RTS and put it into an easily controllable package.

Like all RTS games, this centers on base building, resource collection, and unit-to-unit warfare. After learning how to create simple things like a Barracks or a Garage, you'll get access to bigger and badder buildings and units later on in the game. Barracks, like you may have guessed, let you mint new troopers, with the Garage manufacturing your vehicles. Tanks, Half-Tracks, Helicopters, Flamethrowers, Grenadiers, and even Machine gunners will all be yours later on in the game. All part and parcel for a RTS, but I was very happy to see that they put it all into a PS2 title, something I previously thought improbable.

The action is pretty quick, a big bonus in my opinion. Proper balance between intense warfare and quick combat is critical, as demonstrated by the poorly executed Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, and the excellent Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. In the case of Westwood, they found that 'balancing high' and giving every trooper a lot of kill potential helped the game, and I think they've discovered the same thing at 3DO. If you've got a good mass of troopers, you'll generally be able to wipe out the enemy pretty quickly, as even with as tough as the toy soldiers are, they're just plastic.

Beat each mission in the single player mode, and you'll start to earn new intelligence files, which you can access from the main menu. Displaying information and units from the game, these files are a neat little extra. Even better, each mission has a series of objectives, which allow you to unlock more intelligence files, and even other missions to play in your meantime between campaign missions. Some are unusual, others very difficult, but each of these extra missions is meant to be a nice little bonus.

All in all, if this was an experiment by 3DO, I'd say it was a relatively successful one. In my opinion, it doesn't suck. It's got a few issues, especially given that the game is 3D, and you can't rotate your camera angle. The graphics, as good as they are, occasionally look low-res, but those are really trivial matters when you consider the rest of the game as a whole. With the few extras, and entertaining single player campaign, I was very happy with Army Men: RTS. It might not stick out as absolutely superb, but it's definitely sharing space on my shelf.

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