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[S2E7] Necro

"Necro," whose title is an abbreviation of necrophilia, or a sensual attraction toward the dead, provides a glimpse into what viewers can expect. The opening sequence of American Horror Stories follows an ominous blood trail that ends with a young girl breastfeeding from her dead mother's corpse. This opening already establishes a unique connection between the dead and the episode's living characters. Naturally, the opening sequence of "Necro" isn't the strangest or most unsettling scene the episode has to offer.

[S2E7] Necro

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Injected with bits of novelty and its treatment of necrophilia, "Necro" is a memorable and rather influential episode of American Horror Stories. It, like most episodes from the spin-off series' second season, has had no connection to the larger franchise and its characters. Comprised of a cast that's new to the world of American Horror Story and its spin-off series, what "Necro" is able to pull off on its own is truly spectacular, in light of how many others have fallen short.

The Necromancer starts fighting directly against the party striking Aeofel with a lightning spell, and then immobilizes Jim with Crimson Claws -- black claws of shadow that erupt from the floor around Jim dealing necrotic damage. The Skeletons and Skeletal Archers fail to find any mark on their turn but Binwin becomes flanked by the undead hounds. Jim activates a cloud of cold dealing area of effect damage to the hounds while successfully saving and removing the Crimson Claws necrotic effects. Omin bloodies one of the Skeletal Archers on the ledges of the room, who continue to fire arrows down onto Aeofel. Meanwhile Binwin gets knocked to the ground and Jim begins a duel with the Necromancer who has approached the party at the top of the stairs. Crimson Claws rise again from the floor around Jim but fail.

Season 2, Episode 7, "Necro," tackles a similarly risky topic with its story of a morgue worker who succumbs to her necrophilia and pays the price. Devoid of both supernatural elements or any scares, it instead takes undue glee at destroying its heroine for what amounts to an unusual fetish. While it makes some attempt to connect with her point of view, American Horror Stories has never possessed the subtlety to give such delicate material proper development. What could have been groundbreaking instead feels mean-spirited. 041b061a72


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