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What is Angry Neighbor and How is it Related to Hello Neighbor?

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Have you ever wondered what secrets your neighbor is hiding in their house? Have you ever felt curious enough to sneak into their basement and find out? If you have, then you might enjoy playing Angry Neighbor, a stealth horror game inspired by Hello Neighbor.


What is Angry Neighbor?

Angry Neighbor is a game made by Invictus Studio, available on Google Play Store for Android devices. It is a game where you have to sneak into your neighbor's house and explore their rooms without getting caught by them.

angry neighbor hello neighbor


How is it similar to Hello Neighbor?

Angry Neighbor is clearly influenced by Hello Neighbor, a popular game developed by tinyBuild and Dynamic Pixels. Both games share the same premise: you play as a curious kid who wants to discover what your neighbor is hiding in their basement. Both games also feature an advanced AI that learns from your actions and adapts to your strategies.

How is it different from Hello Neighbor?

Angry Neighbor has some differences from Hello Neighbor that make it unique and interesting. For example, Angry Neighbor has more levels than Hello Neighbor, each with different layouts


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