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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Castle Wars VR

"It was important to us that it was your character's story, so it couldn't really be part of another narrative," Snow said. "It was your story, and as we develop over the three episodes, you start to understand more about why you're key to this. But the Mustafarians, we'd seen glimpses of in Episode III. And we'd established Vader's castle in Rogue One, and we explored a little bit of Mustafar in Secrets of the Empire at The Void."

Castle Wars VR

The virtual reality experience Vader Immortal from ILMxLAB is one of the key titles for the upcoming Oculus Quest wireless headset, immersing the user in an environment where even the bravest denizens of the Star Wars galaxy might fear to tread: The Sith Lord's hellish castle on the volcanic world of Mustafar.

Vader isn't the only one who's immortal here. Unlike a video game, you can't really die. Walk off the edge of a narrow ledge you're traversing on the exterior of Vader's castle and you will hover in mid-air like Daffy Duck before he realizes he walked off a cliff. You mays slip down a ladder, but you can't fall to your death (unless you have an actual sinkhole in your living room).

The company's Secrets of the Empire virtual reality experience has an entirely different approach from Vader Immortal or Trials on Tatooine, relying more on real-world environments, even if you can't see them. That one, also set at Vader's castle, is shown only at The Void commercial spaces that have walls and doorways you can move through, and objects you can pick up or touch, which all mirror what you're seeing in the virtual realm.

Tangible Moyangsung is a collaborative virtual heritage environment that employs tangible interfaces to encourage group social interaction and cooperation. It is designed for a group of users to play fortification games for reconstructing a Korean war-defensive castle in virtual reality. This paper describes a historical background and cultural meanings of Moyangsung, and details in design, implementation and a user study of the Tangible Moyangsung system. The study results showed that collaborative work using tangible interfaces helped users to be more engaged in the task and learn cooperation to produce better performance.

A minute and a half later, I found my way to the end of the course where a giant red ring greeted me. I guided my angry bird through it, and it accelerated into the castle wall (although my point of view didn't) to reveal the green pigs. 041b061a72


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