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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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EMagic Logic Audio Platinum 5.5 Free Download

for those users who want to update their old emagic logic audio, you can find emagic logic audio platinum 5.5 only as a dvd. you will need to burn the dvd to a cd and install the software on your computer. to update your old emagic logic audio to emagic logic audio platinum 5.5 you will need a valid serial number and an unlock code. the serial number and unlock code can be downloaded from the emagic website.

eMagic Logic Audio Platinum 5.5 free download

for power users, one major new feature is the ability to create your own custom plugins using external developers' libraries. with the inclusion of such tools as logic's own audio units api, it is possible to create your own plugins, and then load them into logic in order to use them in conjunction with other logic plugins.. the plugin creator is bundled in the platinum edition, and you can either use it or use one of the many third-party apps on the market which also work with logic. in addition to the plugin creator, logic also provides a mechanism for third-party libraries to be accessed by both logic and xpand users. to use a third-party library, create a project in logic, and then add the third party library into the project. then, in the program settings, add the third party library to the list of plug-in libraries. this way, third-party libraries can be reused by both logic and xpand users without having to be re-bundled with logic.

emagic logic platinum 5.3 was created for all edm (electronic dance music) producers, djs, radio stations, and dance music enthusiasts all over the world. emagic logic platinum 5.3 includes more than 100 audio plugins, and it's packed with powerful recording and mixing tools. the interface is designed to be very easy to use and master.3 is equipped with an easy to use mixer which allows you to set up and adjust any audio parameters. the mixer offers more than 100 audio and effect parameters for you to control your audio parameters. with a simple drag and drop of the mouse, you can edit and automate any parameters of your audio processing. the plug-in includes effects, audio processing, virtual instruments and other features to make your audio production easier than ever before.


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