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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Free Download Game Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge Full Version ~UPD~

red alert 2 was and still is a very well-played and deep-thinking strategy game. its awesome story was the best part of it. yuri's revenge version is similar, but definitely not as amazing as the original. you will learn a lot while playing this game. you can buy it on the gog download service by right-clicking on it and selecting "download to gog".

Free Download Game Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge Full Version

resolution is great (768x1024 is good) but because of many graphical effects i recommend to have the highest settings available. video card: ati 9800 pro 256mb. be sure that you have activated directx! you can do that easily by installing the latest ati or nvidia drivers. software: windows xp sp2 or windows 2000.

unlike the original, yuri has no crazy gadgets or special powers. yuris revenge basically consists of only the same game as the original except that the map was extended. you will once again need to play some naval warfare like how you played the original or you will run into problems. but overall the game is still fun. yuri's revenge is available on for $5.99. simply go to the download page and right-click on it and select "download to gog".

another video from the third mission you will be provided. the game is always hard to finish. i can also make the thing for the story mission (soviet union) or for all. if you feel that you need help with the game, you can install a no-cd version, just click on the.bat file and follow the next instructions on screen.

command and conquer red alert 2: yuri's revenge is also included in origin's origins on the house promotion. this option is great for those who want to buy a game and also receive a ton of other great ea games like command & conquer red alert 2 yuri's revenge game of the year edition and command and conquer series. there's no monthly fee and no hidden fees. it is a cash-back option, but you will need to purchase games via origin and use the same payment method to qualify for cash-back. you'll still need to pay the fee, but at least you are getting discounted games.


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