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[S9E6] In The Blood [Extra Quality]

Andy is following Cristina, like Heather and Shane, asking her for a statement, as it could benefit her and her colleagues. Cristina admits that her shoulder hurts sometimes and that she may have had some PTSD, and Heather says she did throw a vase at them. Nurse Ruth then tells her that Dr. Russell's patient is coughing up blood. Cristina and her interns go take care of the patient. Cristina says they need to open up the patient and that they can both scrub in. As Shane and Heather leave to prep an OR and get another test, they whisper that they love her and that she's awesome, which makes Cristina smile.

[S9E6] In The Blood


Russell's post-op ulcer patient was coughing up blood. Cristina took him back into surgery. Scans showed a dissection of the ascending aorta due to the stent ripping through it and causing an aortobronchial fistula. She repaired the damage and the patient was doing well post-op.

The episode opens with a man in the middle of a therapy session, receiving guidance on how to overcome stage fright for his high-pressure job. We watch him walk out of the session holding a violin case, toward an event for a congressional candidate where an orchestra is setting up on stage. We then watch as the man opens up his violin case, unpacks a gun on a rooftop 500 yards away from the congressional event, and assassinates a woman in cold blood.

Benson and Stabler go to investigate the bar and find a Venus de Milo painted out in blood and Cecilia missing. They only have twelve hours to find Cecilia before she is murdered like Morten's other victims.

They arrest a convict that used to be his cell mate because he's been writing to Morten, which goes against his parole. The man tells them about a comic called le Morte, which is based off of Morten's murders. Every issue reflects the crime scene of the murders he committed. However there are five issues that continue the series, despite the fact that Morten was captured. The ninth issue depicts Tina Snow's murder. The tenth shows a Venus de Milo panted in blood, just like they found at the bar. They only have two hours left, so they go to visit the writer of the graphic novel Harrison Thomas.

Though reluctant to risk crossing the new god-like Castiel, Crowley once again secretly aids the Winchesters in Season 7 premiere "Meet the New Boss", this time in trying to defeat Castiel.[11] When the Leviathans are released into the world from Castiel's body, Crowley attempts to strike an alliance with their leader, Dick Roman, but Dick scoffs at the idea of an alliance between their kind, instead insulting and threatening Crowley.[12] In response, Crowley orders his demons to refrain from attacking Sam and Dean, to allow the Winchesters to wipe out the Leviathans.[13] When it turns out that Crowley's blood is needed to construct a weapon to kill the Leviathans, he agrees on the condition that they retrieve the other components of the weapon first. Later, Crowley encounters Dick,[14] who makes a deal with Crowley for the demon to give the Winchesters the wrong blood and thus sabotage the weapon. Despite the deal, Crowley gives Sam and Dean his real blood, resulting in Dick's death and the Leviathans' plan unraveling.[15]

Crowley remains the Winchesters' prisoner in the first half of the ninth season,[25] with them using him for information.[26][27][28] He is set free in the episode "Road Trip" when Dean lets him go to help him in saving Sam, and immediately starts trying to defeat Abaddon for rulership of Hell.[29] He stages an elaborate set-up in "First Born" for the purpose of manipulating Dean into taking on the Mark of Cain, which enables Dean to wield the First Blade, the only weapon that can kill Abaddon. Crowley then sets out to find the lost First Blade for Dean to use on Abaddon.[30] At the same time, Crowley is haunted by the memory of almost being cured and eventually turns to injecting himself with human blood to re-experience his lost humanity,[26][28] later developing an addiction to it.[31][32] The Winchesters are forced to help him at his most human in his addiction, but while the three of them manage to retrieve the First Blade by working together, Crowley bitterly concedes that Sam and Dean will try to kill him now that he has gotten them the Blade, and takes off with it to prevent that, planning to give it to Dean only once they have found Abaddon.[31] Ultimately, though Crowley and his time-displaced son Gavin fall into Abaddon's clutches in "King of the Damned", he is able to aid Dean in killing her by giving him the location of the First Blade and discreetly tipping him off to her trap for him and Sam. Crowley's increased humanity prompts him to keep Gavin alive in the present to spare him the death he had experienced in his own time, and to reconcile much of their mutually hateful relationship.[33] In the season finale "Do You Believe in Miracles?", Crowley reveals that he has stopped drinking human blood. At the end of the episode, he oversees Dean's transformation into a demon from the Mark and invites the newborn demon to join him.[34]

Starting in the eighth season finale "Sacrifice", Crowley began exposing a "new emotional vulnerability" due to an unfinished demon-curing ritual performed on him in the episode and a resulting addiction to human blood in Season 9. On this topic, executive producer Robert Singer said that Crowley's secret enjoyment of his temporary sense of humanity influenced the character throughout the ninth season.[36] However, Carver's statement raised the possibility that Crowley might not retain this humanity in Season 10.[38]

Knight felt that "Crowley's journey on the show has been a bold and ambitious one". On the Season 9 subplot of Crowley's human blood addiction, he wrote that it was "one of the most interesting and unexpected subplots of [the] season...and it left a lasting (and often amusing) impression on viewers."[36] Carver, too, enjoys the character, stating, "He's pure evil, but, in an odd sort of way, we find him likable. He's so much fun to write."[37]

At a neighborhood party in Koreatown, gunshots cause partygoers to disperse and run for cover. A young boy is seen standing in the vicinity with blood spatter on his sunglasses. At nightfall, Grissom and Riley look over the scene; there are two victims, one male and one female. Five shots in total have been fired, but only one casing is on the ground, possibly from foot traffic kicking the casings every which way. The male victim is identified as Sung Bang, but the female victim doesn't have any identification on her. Sung has prison release forms in his wallet, as he had just been released earlier in the day. Riley remarks that their suspect is probably Korean since nobody in the crowd has come forward with a description. Grissom finds the boy's sunglasses on the ground. Though it's unclear whether he ran or was kidnapped, they're now looking for a missing child.

The numerous partygoers are brought to the station for questioning, which is difficult because of the language barrier. Greg is in charge of checking all of them for blood spatter, which he finds on one man. Brass questions the man, but he refuses to talk about anything that isn't his business.

Park is brought to the hospital to be cared for. There, Riley tells Grissom that she lightly questioned Park without his child advocate present, which is against regulations. Grissom sends her back to the lab and watches the doctor tend to Park. When Park's shirt is removed, it's revealed that he has a feeding tube near his stomach and a skin condition that's possibly a side effect from his HIV medication. There's also blood around the feeding tube area, indicating that he may have tried to pull it out.

Back in the lab, Grissom and Nick look over the evidence. The white shirt Park was wearing thrown into the garbage, as it was covered in blood spatter; he changed into a dark blue one in the woman's house. Henry enters with Park's tox results and reveals that the boy is being badly overmedicated and that most of the medications are extremely dangerous for an adult, let alone a little boy. Furthermore, some of the drugs aren't even on the market yet, leading Grissom to wonder if Park is in a medical trial.

Tess and Zod are alone in the library. Zod explains that Tess should be grateful for all of his help and explains that all he wants in return is the Blur. Tess tells Zod she doesn't know how to find the Blur. Zod, undeterred by this information, explains that the Blur's blood had been used to combat a virus and that when he sent people to get the blood for testing, all the samples had been destroyed at Tess' request. Zod says that she would have only done that to protect the Blur. Tess insinuates that she may be able to help him, but she can't trust Zod unless they are equal. Zod says that no human could ever be equal to a Kandorian, walks out on Tess, then tells the bodyguard to get the information he wants from Tess or kill her trying.

Zod sits at a cafe, drinking espresso. He looks down at an envelope and opens it, revealing the blood-stained dog tag of the soldier he sent to kill Tess. Zod looks up to see Tess on the other side of the street toasting him with her coffee; Tess disappears. Stuart walks down an alley and turns, noticing Chloe following him. Chloe tosses down an envelope, which Stuart opens; the envelope contains the information Chloe pulled up on Stuart. She reaches out to shake his hand, Stuart accepts. 041b061a72


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