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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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La Calaca Alegre Pdf Free ##BEST##

standardized exams are graded. the first 1-4 questions is easy and the last part only has 4 or 5 questions. for writing style, students take turns answering the questions. one person writes their answer and the next follows with a commentary. the commentary is reviewed and discussed by the class. the test is graded by the class, to ensure the students write out the same ideas.

La Calaca Alegre Pdf Free

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students will arrive at 7:45-8:45. students will then take a 10 minute break, before beginning the 1-hour activity. there will be an end of the day snack provided. students will continue the program until 6:30 pm. exams will be administered between 6:30-7:30. those who need to leave early will depart at 6:45-6:55. if there are any additional documents needed, they should be sent to me by email.

students may only read and take notes on the novel (unless it is an independent study, such as la bella mentira). they may not bookmark/highlight. the order in which the novels are read may change from year to year.

our grade is either an a, b, c, d, or f. there are no grades other than a, b, c, d, and f. students will not be able to earn any grade other than a d or f if they do not complete the required curriculum.

to work for us, students must be respectful, to follow directions, and to the level of correction given by our teacher. any student who is late to class is also late to a designated activity, even if they are to ride the bus. students should be ready to go to class immediately after arrival at the school. there is no tolerance for late or absent students. any students who come into school late after being explicitly told they are late will be immediately sent home. it is our intent to provide a safe and pleasant environment. those who fail to follow our guidelines will have consequences.


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