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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Kelly Big Ass Black

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kelly big ass black

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She squashed AJ with a big splash but somehow Kelly dropkicked her out of the ring. Kelly just looked at AJ, on the mat. Kelly would've gotten the cover on her IF she cared about the title.. but she didn't. She dragged AJ in the corner slowly, setting her head on the turnbuckle comfortably. Kelly kelly then ran towards the ropes to baseball slide into Kharma, which sent Kharma into the announce table.

Kelly grinned then got ready for her signature Stinkface. She had her ass inches from her face and said "Take a whiff of my ass, AJ!" "No! No! Kelly N-" Kelly rubbed her ass in AJ's face as her victim continued her muffled screams. The crowd was so into this! This had to be the most humiliating stinkface! Kelly kelly rub slowly on AJ's face as AJ had no choice but to smell her sweaty and smelly ass.

Kelly continued as she held AJ's head into her ass. AJ was pretty disgusted, but what could she do about it though? Kharma got back into the ring as Kelly's smile turned into a frightened look. Kharma cornered Kelly and then tackled her into the same corner against AJ. Kharma got her own set of black handcuffs out and cuffed Kelly's wrists to the same second ropes.

Then she got out a roll of black duct tape, and tape both AJ and Kelly Kelly's mouth as they both squirmed and thrashed against eachother as if there were a possibility to escape. Kharma pulled her black skirt off, as she wore black panties that supported that big black ass. Then she took those off as everyone in the crowd's eyes widened with shock at how big and jiggly Kharma's ass was.

It was pretty large for a wwe diva. Her ass stared at both Kelly Kelly and AJ, them both looking in horror knowing exactly what was to come. This pay-per-view broadcast aired Kharmas ass live and uncensored as she slapped her black asscheeks, imitating rikishi. She slowly back her ass inches from Kelly's face.

Kelly could easily smell the stink of Kharma's ass- pretty much sweat and shit funk mixed. She stink faced Kelly as the crowd gasped at the site. Kelly's face was deep in that black ass. Kharma removed it away a little, then farted right in Kelly's face. AJ could obviously smell the fart as she could move her head to the side but Kelly's face was held in position right in Kharma's ass.

But he did try to yell and plead, which led to Kharma letting go a very funky one up his nose. Kharma smiled and left to the back, as some fans continued to stare at that large ass. One guy got a little too carried away and yelled, "Look at that big black ass!" Kharma turned around and new exactly who it was. So she pulled him over the barricade and pulled his head into her ass as he tried to fight. 041b061a72


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